DRESSOchisel tools featuring natural diamond are suitable for dressing highly precise and complex profiles on grinding wheels. We only use the best natural diamonds in pure quality for these dressing tools, without compromise - we guarantee it. This quality is your success for applying the desired profile to your grinding wheels. We grind all angles and radiuses and produce special dressing tools according to the requirements of the dressing task. If you like, we can measure the ground diamonds and deliver these together with a measurement certificate. DRESSO profiling tools feature 0.5 ct diamonds as a standard. Upon request or as required, we are also able to produce tools featuring diamonds from 0.25 ct to 1.5 ct. We are happy to advise you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of diamond sizes in detail.

An important factor is to determine the optimal overlap rate. This is a critical contributor to the grinding results. The overlap rate results from the product of the effective width of the dressing tool and the rotation speed of the grinding wheel over the dressing traverse speed in mm/min.

Degree of overlap:
2  -  3  =  rough grinding                                          ud  -  degree of overlap
3  -  4  =  universal grinding bd  -  effective width of dressing tool [mm]
4  -  8  =  finishing ns  -  revolution of grinding wheel [min-1]
               vd  -  lateral dressing feed [mm/min]
ad  -  infeed [mm]

bd  =  2 . √r2 - ( r-ad)2
 =  bd . ns / ud
ud  =  bd . ns / vd
udmax  =  Abrasive grain [usmesh] / 15


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Dressing of high-precision shape