Basics and options

Electro-plated diamond tools from NEO DRESS AG are attractive because of their quality, precision, and strong performance, and delivery times are short as well. Electroplated diamond tools normally consist of a metallic base that has been coated with one or more layers of diamond or CBN. The bond featured by a electro-plated diamond tool is a layer of nickel that contains the individual grains of diamond. The thickness of the coating depends on the diamond grain and the application of the diamond tool. These tools are used most frequently as diamond files for producing tools, as mounted points for internal and coordinate grinding, and as electro-plated milling or separating tools in carbon fibre-enhanced plastic processing industry.

Ask us about other grains and materials. We would be pleased to coat the base objects that you have produced yourself. If you have questions or if you are uncertain, please contact us. We would be happy to support you to figure out the optimal diamond tool for your processing applications. More information and details you could find on page 28 in our catalogue.