Basics and various models

NEO DRESS AG is your reliable partner for diamond and Borazon grinding wheels featuring resin bonding, metallic bonding, and galvanic bonding. Modern processing of short-chipping materials such as tempered work pieces, hard metal, ceramic, glass, etc. makes these tools essential. We would be pleased to produce individual diamond wheels for your dry or wet grinding at the regular NEO DRESS level of quality. We also offer services from re-grinding to sharpening for your existing diamond wheels. A small extract from our standard assortment of shapes is featured below.


Types of bonds:


Resin bond are generally softer bonds. They grind quickly and at low temperature, which means they produce relatively low grinding force. This bond type is suitable for both dry and wet grinding. Resin bond are relatively easy to re-grind and feature limited profile accuracy for this reason.


Tools featuring metal bonds are generally harder than resin bonds. This increases the grinding force and more heat is also produced. Metal bonds are able to diminish this heat easier. The profile lifetime for metallic bonds is generally better than resin bonds. Metal bonds are primarily applied for wet grinding.


The advantage of these bonds is their large chip space volume. The electro-plated bond is ually a single-layer coating applied to the metal base item. For this reason, this bond is especially useful for coating profiled base items. The electro-plated bond is especially useful for processing plastics.

Cutting wheels

Cutting wheels

Metal ´S`

Diamond wheel Metal 'S'